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Muslim Pilgrimage Tour

Package #3 - Please contact us for more details.



Day 1: 


Arrival at the airport. Meet, assist and transfer to Jerusalem.

Day 2: Jerusalem.  Mount of Olives and Old City.  Overnight in Jerusalem.


Drive to the Mount of Olives for a view of the Holy city. Visit the mosque of the Ascension.  Visit the Garden of Gethsemane. Then enter the Old City for noon prayer at Al Haram El Sharif. In the afternoon, walking tour in the old walled city of Jerusalem, the bazaars, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Mosque of Omar.

Day 3: Hebron – Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Overnight in Jerusalem.


Drive to Hebron (Khalil El Ruhman). Visit the Ibrahimi Mosque.  On the way back, view Solomon’s Pools before arriving in Bethlehem.  Drive back to Jerusalem, stop on Mount Zion to see the tomb of Nebi Daoud (David).

Day 4: Jerusalem,  Ramla and Jaffa.  Overnight in Jerusalem.


Drive to Nebi Samuel in the outskirts of Jerusalem. Visit and continue to Ramla. An Umayyad city built by Caliph Suleiman.    Visit the Great Mosque, and the tower of Ramla. Continue to Jaffa. Return to Jerusalem.

Day 5: Jericho and Dead Sea. Overnight in Tiberias or Nazareth


Drive to mukam Nebi Mousa. Visit and continue to Jericho, the oldest inhabited town on earth. Visit the Umayyad Palace. Proceed to the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth. Proceed through the Jordan Valley to Nazareth.

Day 6: Nazareth,  Acre and Haifa.  Overnight in Jerusalem


Visit Nazareth and the place of the Announciation.  Continue via the Horns of Hittin, to Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee. Visit around the Lake sites related to the public life and of Sidna Issa. Continue to Acre, the town that surrendered to Saladin after the battle of Hittin in 1187.  Visit the Mosque of El Jazzar (the butcher). Proceed to Haifa, the capital of the north with the chief port on the Mediterranean. Visit the Bahai Temple and Mount Carmel. 

Day 7: Transfer to airport for departure.

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